Month: January 2014

Say A Little-known Story Behind The Olympics

As the ‘Veteran’ Omega who is the 27th official timekeeper of the Olympic Games, in the past 84 years, Omega has accurately and professionally recorded the timing equipment that determines athletes’ performance with continuous improvement and innovation Results of every match. For athletes fighting for their dreams and honors, Omega is undoubtedly a reliable guarantee of accurate timing.
   At this year’s Rio Olympics, Omega didn’t just take on the important task of timing the Olympics. As early as the Olympics were unveiled, Omega had already settled in Rio one year ago. In cooperation with local charity organization Viva Rio (Long live Rio), it launched 12 charity community projects, leaving a lasting gift for the young people in Rio, the host city of the Olympic Games. .
Helping vulnerable mothers
   The neighborhood of Rio’s Costa Barros has a high rate of violent crime and poor public facilities. Many women living here are also extremely vulnerable. A local maternal and child health center has been concerned about and providing health assistance to vulnerable women and children. At the same time, they will also provide women with opportunities for skills education so that after leaving the center, they will have the skills to raise their children and grow up.

   Omega has not only helped renovate the women’s and children’s center here, but also provided more teaching aids for children’s enlightenment and medical equipment to help vulnerable mothers. Through this center, more local families, women and children can get direct help, so that children here have the best possible life enlightenment.
Bring joy to local children
   Every child needs an environment in which to grow up happily. The care that children receive during their growth will greatly affect their family outlook and social responsibility after adulthood. Omega provides a space for children in the community to inspire creativity by funding local preschool centers.

   The purpose of this charity project is to hope that by giving more care to children, they will develop healthier mentally and emotionally. The project landed in a poor community called Ilha do Governador in northern Rio. Omega provided the community with toys that stimulated children’s learning and creativity, and funded related education courses to make children grow healthier and happier through fun interaction and learning.
Continue to provide children with healthy development opportunities

   Omega funds Rio’s local preschool education center, which not only provides educational venues and opportunities for children in the community, but also provides health assistance. This time, Omega landed its care at the Carlos Neri Health Center in Rio, sent educational toys and school supplies to the local children, and also assisted families to help children achieve their overall physical and mental health. This project has made children in more than 1,000 families around them feel this love and warmth.
Nurturing talent for the future
   There is a charity project called “The Young Apprentice Program” in Rio that has helped many young people find suitable jobs in the talent market. The effective implementation of this public benefit plan relies heavily on a Brazilian regulation: 5% -15% of employees in large and medium-sized companies must be young employees (ages 14-24).

   As one of the main supporting organizations of this charity program, Viva Rio has been sending qualified young talents for this project, from student registration to monitoring the time for students to receive training, and a professional team to coordinate these young people and families , Schools and companies. In order to enable young people to receive a better education, Viva Rio provides high-end education subjects and teachers. To this end, Omega has specially sponsored a large number of advanced teaching equipment and equipment for the training center, including the renovation of new teaching spaces and the assembly of new Computers, televisions, air conditioners, blackboards and broadband networks provide young people with educational opportunities and employment platforms.
Train future journalists

   Omega has established an interactive multimedia space for young local journalists, which not only helps to promote their reporting projects, but also allows these young people to learn the latest multimedia technologies here, including image editing, photography and audio and video production. This multi-media training for this journalist project allows more than 60 young people to participate and benefit, and it can stimulate their unlimited enthusiasm for news reporting.
Supporting young immigrants
   In response to the immigration wave in Brazil in recent years, Viva Rio has also launched a number of public welfare projects for immigrants. A local Black Pearl Football Academy is one of them. Since its establishment, the football academy has benefited 110 boys and girls immigrants, where they can receive formal football training and give play to their strengths and nature.

   By supporting the Black Pearl Football Academy, Omega has helped to convene and train young immigrants in Brazil, provided them with uniforms and sports equipment, and helped them meet the next major event-the Youth Cup of São Paulo. By then the Black Pearls will be the only team with an all-immigrant lineup.
Improve local primary school facilities

   In this project, Omega refurbished classrooms for two Rio primary schools, set up creative spaces, and provided students and teachers with teaching equipment and tools, including computers, desks, chairs, and various playground toys. Helps about 1,000 elementary students each year to learn in a better environment.

Improve local secondary school facilities

   Omega funded two Rio secondary schools, including funding for the renovation of school buildings, the provision of new books, desks and teaching facilities. It is worth mentioning that this public welfare project for middle schools has also built a reading room, which is equipped with brand-new computers, air conditioners and desks and chairs. Some 1,300 students can benefit from this every year.
Make children stronger and more confident

   There is a martial arts center in the Costa Barros area of ​​Rio, where 400 teenagers are admitted. Young people can learn a variety of fighting skills at this school, including Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, Brazilian War Dance, Taekwondo and many more. In addition, they can receive basic education other than martial arts. Omega financed the purchase of brand-new uniforms, fitness gloves, boxing bags, musical instruments, and sportswear for war and dance for this school, not only providing children with more professional training equipment, but also allowing them to learn to discipline and respect in training other people.
Expanding students’ after-school learning institutions

   The Omega funding project looks at a number of after-school educational institutions that are open to the public, including the tutoring room at the Milton Santos Palace of Culture. Located in the Penha area of ​​Rio, this tutoring institution provides better learning and assistance to 500 nearby students each year. For some students with a poor learning foundation, the opportunity to receive such in-depth guidance or after-school tutoring classes is the key to self-development.
Paving the way for college

   Every year, millions of high school graduates in Brazil take the college entrance examination. As a result, Omega has established a brand new learning classroom in Cantagalo, in the southern part of Rio, with internet facilities. Students can learn 15,000 video courses in different subjects through the Internet. At the same time, with the help of the system, they can also make different learning plans according to their needs, and even get online tutoring. This classroom can provide counseling and assistance to approximately 300 high school students each year.
High-tech devices for high-speed workplaces

   Encouraging young people in Rio who are interested in working in the high-tech field, Omega has funded an FabLab, an innovation laboratory in Cantagalo, to provide local young people with a space to practice their creative ideas. A variety of high-tech equipment can verify those wild ideas and allow young people to gain valuable experience. This project will benefit 500 aspiring young people every year.
   Through these 12 charity community projects, Omega has given more help to the disadvantaged groups in the city of Rio and more care for the local children. From the moment they were not born, until they were educated, until they grew up, they have received attention and active guidance in all aspects of their growth and education. This is the spirit that the Olympics want to convey. Unity and mutual assistance. Harmony and friendship are not only reflected in the arena, but also continue in life. It is believed that after the Rio Olympic Games, this spirit of the Olympic Games will also survive in people’s hearts for a long time.