Month: May 2013

Interpretation Of Wise Mature Charm – Liu Qingyun Officially Became Frédérique Constant Global Brand Spokesperson

Frédérique Constant, a Swiss luxury watch brand, has announced that Sean Lau, the international film star, is the brand’s latest global brand spokesperson. With his superb acting skills and professional attitude, Qingyun has won several professional Chinese film awards and golden horse awards in Hong Kong and Taiwan. He has established his lofty position in the Chinese film industry. After years of exploration and experience, Qingyun brews the flavor, wisdom and connotation of mature men like mellow wine, and reflects the image of Frederique Constant. Frederique Constant is honored to join hands with Qingyun to show the brand value and taste of Frederique Constant in the future, and to interpret the irresistible elegance.

Affirm strength, live passion
From the television to the big screen, Liu Qingyun has pondered acting skills over the years, cherished every opportunity to take advantage of his talents, accepted challenges, lived every role, and was recognized as a leader of the power. . The movement is the soul of the watch. Like the acting and attitude of the actor, it is an important cornerstone of strength and style. Therefore, Frederique Constant also has unremitting pursuit in developing movements and technologies. Since the launch of the first own-calibre watch in 2001, the brand has actively developed and produced movements, and has accumulated more than 13 of its own movements. As a Swiss independent watch manufacturer, Frederique Constant has become a elite among many Swiss watch brands with its solid strength. Frederique Constant will not stop there. The brand will invest more resources in the future, develop new ones, develop complex movements, and create more exciting works.
Frederique Constant’s watch design and technology research and development, but also the concept of ‘take the society for the society’, enthusiastically participate in charity activities, showing enthusiasm for life. Qing Yun also loves work and family. He takes the calm rhythm from self-affirmation and pursues a simple and quality life with his wife. Qingyun leisurely paints, expresses his feelings about life through art, and reveals his passion for life in simple steps.

Shooting image ads, showing the charm
Liu Qingyun shot an image advertisement for Frederique Constant earlier, showing men’s pursuit of quality, exuding an elegant and intellectual atmosphere, and showing a unique elegance. Print ads will be launched worldwide in December 2013. Speaking of cooperation with Frederique Constant, Tsing Yun said: ‘Condentis focuses on details and does not compromise on quality. This is an attitude I appreciate. I look forward to different forms of cooperation in the future to bring the brand concept to the audience. ‘

In the image advertisement, Qingyun wears Frederique Constant’s latest Slimline Moonphase Manufacture ultra-thin moon phase movement watch, which combines elegant and evergreen design elements, exuding a light like the existence of the moon. The rose gold case and curved silver dial spread the elegant atmosphere from the wrist, blooming a low-key and luxurious beauty, spanning the century and immortal. The latest advertisement will meet you in major media, Frederique Constant will also work with Liu Qingyun to participate in different projects, showing the brand’s infinite enthusiasm.

Frederique Constant Slimline Moonphase Manufacture

About Frederique Constant
Frederique Constant was officially founded by Drs. Peter Stas and his wife Aletta Stas in 1988, positioning it as ‘accessible luxury’, hoping to share high-quality Swiss watches with a wide range of people. Each of the brand’s watch series exudes elegant and noble charm. In addition to its elegant appearance, it also contains a rich connotation behind it, which is well-received by people who seek for taste. ‘Live your passion’ has driven Frederique Constant to break through himself. Since 2004 Frederick Constant has begun its own research and development and production of movements, becoming an elite among many Swiss watch brands. The performance is remarkable.