Month: April 2013

The 52nd Golden Horse Awards Finalists Reception ‘old Cannon’ Won The ‘earl Of The Year Award Of Excellence’ Original Script Explaining Generational Changes

The 52nd Golden Horse Awards Finalists Reception will be held tonight (November 20), providing a platform for filmmakers to interact with each other on the eve of the Golden Horse Awards ceremony. The Count of Golden Horses, the Count, praised the establishment of the ‘Earl of the Year Award’ in partnership with the Golden Horse Awards in 2013 and was presented to the best original screenplay. Piaget has paid close attention to international film and art events for a long time. With its long-established brand culture, it interweaves extreme craftsmanship and traditional specialties, blends creative innovations, and emits bright sparkles, radiating today’s art hall.

The 52nd Golden Horse Awards Best Supporting Actor Finalist Wang Qianyuan Wears Piaget Watch Attends Golden Horse Award Finalists Reception

The 52nd Golden Horse Awards Best New Director Finalist Chen Yushan with Piaget Jewellery Watch Attends the Golden Horse Awards Finalists Reception

The 52nd Golden Horse Awards guest Li Meng and Piaget Jewellery attended the Golden Horse Awards finalists reception

Earl’s Annual Award of Excellence encourages outstanding original talents
   The Golden Horse Award is the oldest film award in the Chinese film industry. Piaget has won the chief praise three times. The ‘screenplay’ finalists selected the best to express their support and encouragement for originality, and to create another glorious opportunity for outstanding dramas.
   The 52nd Golden Horse Awards finalists reception gathered Chinese, Hong Kong and Taiwanese filmmakers to warm up for the Golden Horse Awards ceremony the next day. At the finalists reception, Dimitri Gouten, President of Piaget Asia Pacific, and Zhang Aijia, Chairman of the Golden Horse Executive Committee, jointly presented the Piaget Award of Excellence for the best original script. Piaget and Golden Horse are at the pinnacle of film art, and together they are creating a high-profile art and cultural event in the Chinese movie circle, and writing the most glorious chapter for the fusion of the supreme art of the two circles.

The 52nd Golden Horse Award Earl of the Year Award

Professional evaluation injects multiple perspectives
   This year’s ‘Earl of the Year Award of Excellence’ judging lineup continues the spirit of blending diverse perspectives, and invites outstanding workers from all walks of life including fashion boutiques, films, art photography and media, including Earl Lau Managing Director, senior screenwriter Chen Shijie, well-known photographer Huang Tianren, The editor-in-chief of the beautiful lady Yang Yinjie, and documentary / movie director Huang Jianliang.
   Earl Taiwan Managing Director Liu Yuxuan is familiar with international boutiques and knows the beauty of exciting narratives and the conditions for achieving good stories. Chen Shijie, a veteran screenwriter who has created countless award-winning works, has cultivated the film industry for many years, is good at dissecting the humanity and the pulse of society, and has the professional qualities required to appreciate high-quality scripts. Photographer Huang Tianren uses lens to lead the people to explore the world of art. He is well versed in the beauty and presentation of body, light and shadow, and has a unique vision of the plot that constitutes the inheritance of the film. The editor-in-chief of Marie Claire Beauty Magazine, Yang Yinxuan, is at the forefront of popular culture, surrounded by the influence of fashion, humanities and lifestyle tastes, and keeps pace with the contemporary society’s perspective and wave. Director Huang Jianliang is deeply acquainted with the cultural meridians and looks. His works are realistic depictions of contemporary issues, and his rich professional expertise in forming films has sharp insights.
Sequentially changing generations ‘Old Cannon’ won the ‘Count of the Year Award’
   The shortlisted works of the 52nd Golden Horse Award for Best Original Script:

   This year’s ‘Earl of the Year Award’ was won by ‘Tiger Cannon’ written by Guan Hu and Dong Runnian. ‘Lao Paoer’ is a proper vocabulary of Beijing dialect. ‘Old Cannon’ narrates intergenerational wars and conflicts between new and old people, and points out the various social phenomena in which capitalism prevails and follows fashion.

‘Old Cannon’ won the Earl’s Award of Excellence for the year, from left to right is director Hu Hu, president of Earl Asia Pacific Gu Teng, chairman of the Golden Horse Executive Committee Zhang Aijia, screenwriter Dong Runnian

‘Old Cannon’ won the Earl’s Award of Excellence for the year, from left to right is the director Guan Hu, Earl Asia Pacific President Gu Teng, screenwriter Dong Runnian

‘Old Cannon’ wins the Earl’s Award of Excellence for the year, from left to right is director Guan Hu, screenwriter Dong Runnian

   The Earl’s Jury of the Year Awards brings together a variety of perspectives to explore the depth of the film and the thought-provoking clues behind its storyline from multiple perspectives, both in art, culture, academia and aesthetics. Senior screenwriter Chen Shijie commented: ‘Old Cannons injects new perspectives and enthusiasm on the problem of alternation, adaptation and running-in between the old and new generations. Let us witness the sincerity of family and friendship, and also realize the profound humanities that have entered the new century of Beijing Landscape. ‘Director Huang Jianliang believes that’ Old Cannon ‘interprets the old story in a new way, the pictures are intertwined,’ the old people are praised, the little farts are hated ‘, and intergenerational warfare in this film is humorous and interesting.
   The ‘Earl of the Year Award’ invites leaders and representatives from all walks of life to delve into the core of the script, explore its aesthetic level and story connotation, and consider the acceptance of the mass consumer market and its relevance to society. It differs in script style, creativity and overall structure. Facing scoring. Piaget once again supported the film art with practical actions, gave the original script the greatest affirmation and encouragement, and expected the finalists to have the most dazzling performance at this year’s Golden Horse Awards ceremony.