Month: March 2013

Zhenlishi Sent Love To The Mid-autumn Festival, Star-like, Magnificent, Fantasy, Wrist-to-moon, Moon, And True

Xinghui is vast and magical, and the bright moon between the wrists is true. In the Mid-Autumn Festival, Qing Hui Haocai picked her hands and picked up the moon, which was held in her wrist. Zenith carefully selected the flagship series Happy Big Calendar Day Moon Phase Watch and the flagship series women’s chronograph watch. The warm rose gold color is like a bright moon, reflecting the joyful atmosphere of Mid-Autumn Festival; the iconic “core” window on the dial is like Xiangyun means dreams and blessings.

Flagship Series Happy Big Day and Moon Phase Watch (Rose Gold) Market Price: 202,000 yuan
   The flagship series Happy Grand Calendar Day and Moon Phase Watch equipped with the 4047 chronograph movement can accurately display the time to 1/10 seconds, with a large date window at 2 o’clock, the happy design at 10 o’clock can not only be through the hollow type The dial sees the movement of the movement, the adjustment device, the high-speed vibration frequency and the exquisite decoration process on the entire movement. At 6 o’clock, there is a sun and moon phase display that is known for its practical and poetic romance. This feature that reveals the orbit of the sun and the moon is achieved through two overlapping disks. The upper transparent disc inlaid with two polished metal moons rotates every 59 days, while the lower disc, which is used to distinguish between day and night, rotates every 24 hours. The stars are shining, the sun and the moon are shining together, condensed together on the wrist. It is your elegant companion who toasts and invites the moon to enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Flagship series women’s chronograph watch Market price: 150,300 yuan
   The flagship women’s chronograph is 38 mm in size, like a golden moon. The oval case is adorned with 0.65 carats of eye-catching diamonds, like the stars of the night; the white mother-of-pearl dial is soft and warm like a bright moon, condensing the feminine temperament and femininity. El Primero’s star-speed movement, which represents the spirit of rationality and precision watchmaking under the happy window, is equipped with silicon escapement, combining elegance and excellence. The watch not only emphasizes the personality color of modern women, but also once again shows the gentle and graceful charm of the feminine moon song.