Month: February 2013

Urwerk Dark Iron Knight-news Urwerk

URWERK’s new work UR-105M is inspired by medieval legends and noble knight spirits. At that time, the knights wore shining armors and held long contradictions to speed their horses. Fight for glory and risk your life; the UR-105M has a titanium steel sheath to symbolize the heroic courage of the knight. The satellite turns and conquers the eternal moment.

UR-105M Iron Knight with titanium bezel and steel bezel, iron gray tone shows masculinity

The UR-105M combines URWERK’s signature timepiece technology and design style, including a satellite hour rotor that slowly glides along the 0-60 minute scale track, a large black crown at 12 o’clock, and a strong high-tech temperament. The titanium case is inlaid with a steel bezel like an invincible iron armour; the polyEtherEthercetone hood on the dial is covered with four forged aluminum alloy satellite rotors driven by Geneva cross wheels, with a 60-minute graduated rotor Push forward, the opening position of the hood can be seen in the current hour digits; turn the digits after turning for 60 minutes, and continue to glide for 3 hours before appearing again; together with the seconds and power reserve indicator embedded in the watch ring, Form a three-dimensional hour, minute and second display mode. The case back is the most representative control panel design of URWERK. The ‘Oil Change’ indicator can remind the watch owner of the maintenance period, and a 42-hour power reserve indicator and fine adjustment screws to adjust the travel time accuracy.

Grease indicator is the most representative control panel design of URWERK

Martin Frei, co-founder and artistic director of URWERK, explains: ‘The case design of the UR-105M is like an armour. The screw heads seen on the steel bezel not only add aesthetic features, but also firmly nail the bezel to titanium. On the case, it provides extra protection for the movement inside the case. The design of the bezel is reminiscent of the strong armor on the knight. ‘Said Felix Baumgartner, another founder and master watchmaker of URWERK,’ Making UR-105M Not to show off, but to create an intuitive and playful time display mode. All of our works are designed to overcome technical challenges, but the technical expression is very implicit. First of all, the aluminum rotor and polyetheretherketone The structure must rotate in exactly the same way. The key to communicating this accuracy is to use the lightest materials. Polyetheretherketone is the ideal choice. Polyetheretherketone polymers have excellent mechanical properties and are not easily affected by other chemicals. Therefore, it is also used in surgery. Another technical challenge is that the honeycomb-shaped second dial under the minute scale on the right side of the case is displayed in 10-second jumps and must be on the side of the case. A second display accurate promoted simultaneously. ‘

UR-105M Dark Knight is a titanium case with AlTiN coated steel bezel. The all-black shape shows mysterious masculinity