Month: December 2012

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DEWITT watchmaking family draws inspiration from its rich historical heritage and re-interprets Alma jewelry watches in 2014, this is the second watch factory exclusively for women Designed series. The harmonious and symmetrical oval case, the slightly arched contour that perfectly fits the wrist, and the famous DEWITT emperor column carving make up the new look of the Alma watch.

Alma Jewelry Watches for Women Delicate and elegant diamonds surround the dial

This collection is available in 7 styles, made of rose or white gold, set with diamonds, and with a beautiful dial. The Alma watch is equipped with a self-winding movement with a central seconds hand and a power reserve of 42 hours. The three hands are all made of 18K gold. The sword-shaped hollow hour and minute hands and the slim second hand are staggered in the center of the dial, pulling the time between the changing light and shadow.

Crown made of polished gold to create a halo unique to top-of-the-line watches

The first two jewellery models with matte or polished flanges are adorned with Arabic numerals and retouched with ‘black gold’, making snowflake-inlaid round diamonds more dazzling. The minute scale ring is inlaid with square diamonds, and the black lacquered hour markers embellish it. The dial of the polished rose gold model is decorated with the ‘Paris studs’ pattern, which makes the pure and eye-catching design perfect, contrasting tones, round The silhouette and the effect of light and shadow contrast each other. The anti-glare mirror is arched at 3 o’clock to 9 o’clock and 6 o’clock to 12 o’clock, which makes the overall curve of the watch more atmospheric, and also makes the watch already famous for the Imperial column more unique charm. The 18K gold material is polished Alternating with fine sandblasting, the crown and pin buckle are made of polished gold and engraved with ‘W’ to add finishing touches to delicate details. The Elma series is full of 21st-century modern flavor, and it also contains royal style. It is the best testimony of the attention to detail of the DEWITT watch factory. This kind of excellence makes the watch making an extraordinary timepiece.

The famous DEWITT emperor column carving, which constitutes a new look for Alma series watches