Month: May 2012

Tianwang Watches, How About The Top Ten Domestic Watches?

In the news webcast of the 1990s, an ad ‘Tianwang tells you the time accurately’ made the Tianwang watch brand a household name. Tianwang watch has risen from that time, and now it is one of the top ten domestic watch brands. But there are also many friends who ask questions about the Utopa watch, how good the Utopa watch is, etc. Let’s tell everyone the following watch home!

Tianwang watch brand introduction
   ‘Tianwang Watch’ is a watch brand under the Hong Kong Timepieces Group. Hong Kong Shijibao Group Banner is a large-scale watch group integrating design, production and sales. After more than 20 years of development, the Tianwang watch brand has become a well-known brand in the domestic watch industry. The brand has been awarded the national best-selling product ‘Golden Bridge Award’ for four consecutive years by seven ministries including the Ministry of Domestic Trade, the Ministry of Electronics Industry of China, the China National Light Industry Council, the China Consumers Association, the National Technical Supervision Bureau, the China Textile Federation, and the State Economic and Trade Commission. Furthermore, it has won honors such as ‘China Famous Brand’, ‘China Well-known Trademark’ and ‘National High-tech Enterprise’.
Tenno brand history
   In 1988, Tianwang Chuangpai was established and designed and produced the first watch. A single style, monotonous color, a bracelet-like fashion appearance, dazzling gold tones, attracted many beauty-loving, and swept the country for a while.
   In 1991, the creation of Tianwang Watch has won honors such as ‘China Famous Brand’, ‘China Well-known Trademark’ and ‘National High-tech Enterprise’. The Shenzhen High-quality Product Evaluation Committee awarded Tianwang Watch the “pointer quartz electronic watch GB324T / DD Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Quality Product” title.
   In 1992, Tianwang watch boldly launched the first fashionable women’s watch with its keen market sense. This watch is based on the basic timing function, based on the traditional women’s watch as the basis for the shape design, and also uses shiny crystals as a strap decoration element. The watch is jewelled to meet the dual needs of women’s timing and decoration.

   In 1994, the first mechanical watch was born. The dial is decorated with screws as the main element. I pay tribute to this low-key hermit who has profoundly influenced the development of the times!
   In 1995, Tianwang designed and produced the first all-tungsten steel watch. The inherent noble texture combined with the angular design of the façade was clear and steady.
   2000 is the second millennium. To celebrate this once-in-a-century grand event, Tianwang Watch specially launched a millennial commemorative watch.
How about Utopus?
   While learning advanced foreign technology, Tianwang Watch also insists on independent research and development, independent design, and constantly selects high-tech and high value-added materials for watch production. The company has a high-quality, capable design and research and development team. The famous watchmakers in Hong Kong are responsible for the design. In terms of product design research and development, they invest huge sums of money in new product development and technological transformation every year. They insist on taking the market as a guide and taking consumer demand as the fundamental.
   Classic and fashionable models have effectively compensated for the deterioration of the chronograph of the watch, and in accordance with the needs of the era, with the theme of health, fashion, and environmental protection, we have developed a ceramic series, which is shiny and cold, and does not hurt the skin. Features such as abrasion resistance and non-breakability are favored by consumers; high-quality tungsten steel used in aerospace shuttle machines is sintered at high temperature under vacuum conditions, with extremely high hardness, a smooth surface like a mirror, and a very strong texture. In the market, Tianwang tungsten steel series Watch models have become a classic example of the domestic watch industry.
   Tianwang watch is one of the top ten watch brands in China, and the popularity of Tianwang watch has risen again and again this year, currently second only to Fiyta’s top ten domestic watches. In terms of use value, the Utopia watch is completely fine, and even has a very high price-performance ratio. But in the world of watch industry, only six categories can be ranked.

How much is Uranus Watch?
   After years of cultural accumulation, Tianwang Watch has become the first choice for consumers to show their identity. In the market, there are many styles of Tianwang watches. Everything from 300 yuan quartz watch to 20,000 yuan tourbillon watch. Consumers can easily find a watch that suits them!
Introduction to the popular series
Legend Series

   The Uranus legendary series of watches, the low-key and restrained design exudes elegant feelings, smooth and exquisite appearance, showing the atmospheric style in the hands and feet, the simple hands are elegant and rhythmic in minutes, accurately recording the mottled footprint of life. Take the oath of time, stick to the dream, and in the journey of life, measure every legendary trajectory with perseverance.
Boya series

   Bo, Chase also knows the world; Ya, the noble person is also well-honed, Kyushu; the boya is good at form, finer than ‘core’, and the refined appearance contains infinite wisdom, ‘Shangbo Pinya · Know the world. ‘
俪 azi series

   The elegant women’s watch series with elegant and chic shapes, simple and soft lines, slender and beautiful, elegant and luxurious, with the charm of oriental women’s fashion and classical perfection, let modern women
The inadvertently charming and charming charm blooms in the hands, making people admire.
Tianjue Tourbillon Series

   Peak craftsmanship. In order to transfer the spirit of the pursuit of excellence and perfection of the tourbillon to modern people, and in order to carry forward and interpret this spirit, Tianwang Watch Collection has developed for many years.
The result of experience is the design and production of a Tourbillon watch series.
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