Month: October 2011

Grandour Series From Tudor Brings You A New Look

Tudor brings a new look to the Grantour series inspired by motorsport. In addition to redesigning the Grantour Date and Grantour Chrono, it also launched a new Grantour Chrono Fly-Back model. The new timepiece can be redesigned in real time and instantly reset to zero, allowing the wearer to quickly time several consecutive times.
Tudor Grantour Chrono watches
    This new watch features the same 42mm case as the Grantour Date and Grantour Chrono models, with a red flyback button and a small seconds counter at 9 o’clock. Its background design is reminiscent of a car’s engine drive belt. In addition to stainless steel models, Tudor is also the first 18ct pink gold steel model for Grantour Chrono Fly-Back.
Tudor Grantour Date watches
    All Grantour watches are equipped with a safety button that locks with a one-eighth turn. The frosted lugs with a simple design perfectly show the distinctive technical style. In addition, the new beveled hour mark and minute scale are set on the edge of the surface, which also adds a lot to this year’s Grantour Series Date, Chrono, Chrono Fly-Back models.
Tudor Grantour Chrono Fly-Back
    Grantour Chrono and Grantour Date are designed with 42mm case and exquisite details to further show their sporty style and elegant lines.
    Grantour Date, Chrono, Chrono Fly-Back models come with a variety of straps: a three-link stainless steel frosted strap (polished central link); and a leather sport strap with a large or close-packed design There are new safety buckles.

Sihh 2014 Roger Dubuis Innovation From Diamond To Material

Roger Dubuis seems to have been breaking the monotony and rules. The three watches released by SIHH in 2014 have been previewed, from diamonds to innovative materials, or to pay tribute to the master. It never stopped.

 2014SIHH Roger Dubuis Velvet Famous Actor Series

 The Velvet Haute Joaillerie haute jewellery watch conveys in a unique and vivid way the passionate charm that permeates the entire world and the peerless world. The ‘decisive’ quality, as an integral part of Roger Dubuis’s history, coincides with the brand’s attempt to break the monotony.

Elegant and charming femininity and sparkle

 The 36mm Velvet Haute Joaillerie high jewelry white gold watch is fully set with 366 diamonds totaling 11.13 carats. It is a magical combination of mechanical skills and precious stones, which proves Roger Dubuis’s unparalleled professional craftsmanship and excellence. Excellent quality. In order to perfectly meet the aesthetic requirements of this timepiece, the diamonds set on the dial, the ring and the decoration are all cut with a rectangular shape, and the diamonds set on the dial flange are cut brightly.

 If each gem is not set in the most advantageous and most prominent position, even the most delicate and high-quality gems cannot emit the brightest light. This outstanding watch uses more than three different setting methods, showing Roger Dubuis’s superb skills in the field of jewelry.

 The central dial and the ring are traditionally concealed inlays to hide the gold between the diamonds, so that the visual focus is completely focused on the sparkle of the gemstones. The claw inlays surrounding the long-angled stair-cut diamonds are held high by the goldsmith’s hand-made four-claw base, holding it high above the rest of the watch. A red satin strap with a haute couture texture gives this watch a unique and elegant touch.

2014SIHH Roger Dubuis Four Balance Black DLC Coated Titanium Watch

 The limited production of 188 Excalibur Quatuor DLC-coated titanium watches showcases Roger Dubuis’s boldness and creativity more than any other timepiece style. Adhering to the tradition of watchmaking, this unparalleled watch condenses many technological innovations. It is not only equipped with four balance springs and five differentials capable of generating a 16 Hz frequency, but its power reserve display mechanism is also refreshing. These outstanding technologies are not developed for research and development, but a testament to the precision of watchmaking.

 Due to the effect of gravity, as the wrist swings, the position of the watch changes continuously, which results in running errors. Although the tourbillon can partially solve this problem, Excalibur Quatuor offers a new solution. Excalibur Quatuor’s four balance springs—like the pulsation of a mechanical timepiece, run in pairs and are carefully laid out, which can instantly offset running errors caused by position changes.

 At present, there are only a few watch factories capable of making other parts of the movement themselves, and homemade balance springs are even more valuable in the field of fine watchmaking. Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis is one of the very few integrated watch factories capable of producing this key component completely autonomously. With this outstanding technology, the Geneva watchmaker ingeniously integrated four balance springs into the same movement to create the RD101 movement, which overcomes the technical difficulties that have so far been considered insurmountable.

 The Excalibur Quatuor is the creative work of Roger Dubuis, transcending the classic qualities that have established the brand’s legend. From the first draft of the design to the DLC-coated titanium model exhibited at the SIHH Geneva International Horological Exhibition in 2014, this watch masterpiece combines all the professional skills of Roger Dubuis.

 The design of the Hommage Tribute to Mr. Roger Dubuis watch is inspired by a timepiece published by the founder in 2003, in order to express the professional career of Mr. Roger Dubuis. To pay tribute, this vintage-style watch is limited to 208 pieces. This limited number comes from the student number when it was first studied at the Geneva Watchmaking School and is clearly engraved on the ring.

 Extended lugs, sunk bezels, slender Roman numerals, grooved crown and unique folding clasp: The styling features of the Hommage series are all brought together here, with a little extra detail, such as Ergonomic bevel treatment of the lugs to achieve more perfect contact with the wrist, and increase the width between the lugs to improve stability during wearing.

 Various circles create a harmonious contrast in the dial, radiating outward from the white circle in the center, to the wide rose gold moment ring, which is accompanied by white numbers; followed by the white minute-engraved ring, with Rose gold scale marks; the outermost is a unique stepped sunk bezel, these combinations highlight the infinite visual appeal. This fascinating visual effect is more prominent in some special places: the double-sized date display window at 12 o’clock is framed by a rectangular rose gold frame with white numerals, which is very clear and prominent; the arched power reserve display area It has a similar outline of rose gold; the light tourbillon at 7 o’clock with stainless steel and rose gold components is framed by the same elegant metal color, presenting a perfectly transparent space. Geometric lines and color combinations often play an important role in Roger Dubuis watches, in order to achieve a combination of clear design and elegant beauty.

 The Hommage Tribute to Mr. Roger Dubuis watch is an iconic work that pays tribute to the watchmakers of the past, to ancestral techniques and to classic top-level watchmaking. Respect for the mark and the quality standards it sets, and Roger Dubuis is the only watchmaker insisting that all its creations must obtain this quality mark. This timepiece is a tribute to the brand’s founder. Mr. Roger Dubuy has always been keen to learn about watchmaking skills, and has continuously shared his wealth of knowledge with the new generation of watchmakers in the watch factory. And deep wisdom.