Month: August 2010

Richemont Richemont Acquires Peter Millar Llc

This acquisition by Richemont will determine the development and growth direction of Peter Millar in the next phase. ‘We are very fortunate to be working with Winona Capital. Together we have developed and built the Peter Millar brand, expanded our product range, and continuously enhanced our sales and distribution capabilities,’ said Scott Mahoney, Peter Millar CEO. ‘Now, the cooperation with Richemont is an excellent opportunity for us. Peter Millar will continue to build a global brand journey under Richemont. We look forward to working with Richemont , And look forward to cooperating with the well-known brands of the group. ‘
Winona Capital Managing Director Luke Reese commented: ‘It has been an honor for Winona Capital to work with Scott Mahoney, Chris Knott, and other members of the Peter Millar team to build such a great company over the past few years. We are very happy Peter Millar was acquired by Richemont, one of the world’s largest luxury goods groups. ‘
The transaction is expected to be completed in October 2012, and the Richemont Richemont Group’s consolidated net assets or annual operating results as of March 31, 2013 will not be materially affected. The ‘A’ shares issued by Richemont are listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange (the first listing of Richemont) and are also listed as the leader of the Swiss Market Index (‘SMI’) share. Richemont South African Depository Receipts is listed and traded on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (the second listing place of Richemont Group).
Robert W. Baird & Co. acted as advisor to Peter Millar in this connected transaction.
Source: Richemont

Beijing Time: Lily Of The Valley Belle Qingli Bloom

In the hit drama ‘My First Half of Life’, Yuan Quan, who has always been a low-key literary and artistic goddess, used her superb acting skills to vividly portray a female Tang Jing in the workplace and won praise. Speaking of Yuan Quan, most people may think of her as literature and art, which is low-key but full of unique charm. And Yuan Quan is just like his name, just like a clear spring.

Yuan Quan stills (picture from the Internet)

   She can be Liu Yingying, who says ‘Like to be arrogant, but love is restrained’ in ‘The Endless Life’, or Ye Zhiqiu, who is full of classic temperament in ‘Great Shanghai’, looking back. As early as 2013, Yuan Quan swept through the three major Chinese drama awards: ‘Plum Blossom Award, Academy Award, and Golden Lion Award’ with ‘Jane Eyre’. . It is also the youngest on the list with Lao She, Cao Yu and other older artists. In a complex world, she insists on a simple and devoted herself to her beloved drama career. Her acting skills, high sense, and artistic atmosphere can not be ignored.

Yuan Quan wears Beijing watch silk language series ink lily of the valley handmade Su Xiu wrist

   Whether it is the full bloom of the interpretation of the cause, or the fashion street shooting in life, Yuan Quan, like the gentle power of water, marries. Simple blue-and-white striped shirt and slim jeans, wearing the Beijing watch silk language series ink lily of the valley hand-made embroidered watch, the lightness of the pace reveals a gentle and casual feeling, people yearn for. In front of the camera, Yuan Quan delicately interprets each character, and his precise acting skills spread all over his hands. Outside of the camera, the beautiful love between her and Xia Yu is practical but not sturdy. After experiencing wind and rain, she knows how to move forward hand in hand, leaving only love to each other. Just like the flower of the lily of the valley, happiness returns.

Ink lily of the valley

   Su embroidery, an ancient handicraft, a most feminine symbol, has an oriental charm, giving a woman a mysterious and noble feline temperament; complicated craftsmanship, like elegance, requires patience, requires years of precipitation, and more Need to be calm and indifferent to the passage of time. Beijing watch silk language series ink lily of the valley hand-made embroidered watch, with 18 different shades of ‘ink color’, combined with thin flat needle and false solid needle two techniques, as if an elegant and feminine woman, with tenderness, but not Lost woman’s shy posture, beautiful and elegant.

The beauty of Soviet embroidery

Beijing watch silk language series ink lily of the valley handmade embroidered watch

Beijing watch silk language series Tanabata special Xinglin Shuangyan watch
   Lily of the valley flowers bloom with the breeze. It is said that as long as the lily of the valley is received, it will be favored by the god of luck, representing pure happiness. Swallows have been regarded as a symbol of happiness and auspiciousness since ancient times. The beautiful state of love is an evenly matched wing, which is a lifetime, a double. The Beijing watch silk language series uses ink lily of the valley and Xinglin Shuangyan watches to give women elegance, love and independence. At the same time, there are infinite good wishes. I hope that every woman, no matter at what stage of her life, can be independent, confident, dedicated, and brave, to live up to every Beijing time on her wrist.
   As a professional brand with independent watchmaking capabilities, Beijing Watch focuses on the spirit of craftsmanship and artistic aesthetics, and focuses on the modern expression of oriental aesthetics. It perfectly integrates high-end watchmaking skills with cultural connotations. Beijing Watches respects and cultivates true watchmaking masters, and has largely preserved the essence of hand-made, independently produced flying tourbillon, dual flying tourbillon, dual-axis stereo tourbillon, dual-axis stereo dual tourbillon, tourbillon Q. Seven high-complex movements, such as the long escapement of the double escapement, and the ultra-thin tourbillon. There are too many aesthetics unique to Beijing watches in high-end watchmaking techniques such as, hollowing out, and finishing.
   With Pioneer, Beijing Watch is willing to spend several times more time to make a real watch, making your time more precious.