Month: February 2010

What’s Left In Addition To The Feelings Of Domestic Watches

Feeling marketing, many people don’t know what is feeling marketing, we don’t know that we have been deeply affected by it before we know it. On May 3, 2017, KFC launched ‘Nenniu Wufang is back’ without large-scale publicity, but the topic of # tender 牛 五方 归 # has skyrocketed, and Weibo and WeChat indexes have soared. Not only that, but those netizens who have not eaten the tender beef five parties expressed their sadness. It can be said that the marketing results obtained by KFC this time are very successful. At that time, I also went to KFC to buy the tender beef five-party. The first time the clerk said that the tender beef five-party was sold out that day, and the second time, the long-awaited team finally bought it.

   Kentucky Fried Chicken Five Party ‘Return’ Advertisement
   The topic is a long way off, and today, when hunger marketing is getting weaker, limited editions seem to have no appeal to consumers. In the watch market, many watches that are advertised as ‘limited’ have failed to meet market expectations. But as long as it is related to ‘feelings’, consumers not only buy the bill, but also seem to have gone deeper in the propaganda methods. So let’s talk today about the domestic watches that most like to play ‘love card’, in addition to feelings, what is left of domestic watches.

   In the 1950s and 1960s, the domestic watch industry developed rapidly. At the same time, many domestic watch brands were established and occupied market share. Among them, the performance of Seagull Watch, Beijing Watch, Shanghai Watch is particularly outstanding. In the 1970s, the ‘three big pieces’ (watches, bicycles, sewing machines) at that time were enough to see the importance of watches in people’s lives. The reasons why domestic watches quickly occupied the market at that time were no more than the following reasons. First, practical performance. In the case that mobile phones have not yet become popular and even a call needs to be queued at a public telephone booth, the watch has become the only portable item that can obtain time information. Second, the social and environmental impact. ‘Three big pieces’ as a basis for judging whether one’s life is rich. In the social environment of the young people, the demand for watches was higher than it is now. Third, foreign watch brands have not yet occupied the watch market in large numbers. It was related to the policies of the time and the purchasing power of the people. A good foreign watch may cost a few months of salary to ordinary people. In the 1960s and 1970s with low per capita purchasing power and a high Engel coefficient, buying a domestic watch became a popular trend.

   ‘Three Big’ sewing machines, watches, and bicycles of the 1920s
   But now that the country is getting richer and stronger, and people’s living standards are improving, watches are no longer a simple tool for people to watch time. Some people may disagree with this view, but watches have become a status symbol. For example, people are willing to pay 50,000 yuan for a Rolex, but they are not willing to pay the same price for a seagull with a tourbillon. People’s impressions of domestic watches seem to stagnate over time and stop. Especially after a large number of foreign watch brands entered the Chinese market, they quickly occupied market share, and the development of domestic watches was at stake. In this environment, domestic watch brands have begun to think about and change their strategic transformation. Not only do they focus on R & D core technology (Seagull began to develop the tourbillon in 2001, less than a year to develop a tourbillon model). I also changed my mind and started to take the ‘nostalgic line.’

Seagull 18K Gold Thin Manual Tourbillon Men’s Watch 218.12.8802G

   Apart from ‘feelings’, what is left of the domestic watch? I think having ‘feelings’ is great. The Chinese people’s recognition of domestic watch brands and nostalgia in their bones are all chips held by domestic watches. There was a period of crazy praise of Mu Xin’s ‘Slow in the Past’, ‘In the past, the sun became slow, cars, horses, and mail were slow, and I only loved one person in my life.’ The verses of the heart are beautiful for their own sake, and they are also related to people’s general nostalgia and the memory of the past era.

   Domestic watches seem to understand the truth, and many replica models have been launched over the years. From the ‘Old May Day’ and ‘Five Star Watches’ of the Seagull Watch to the nostalgic series launched by Shanghai Watch. Today’s domestic watches are blessed with nostalgia for ‘classic continuation’ and ‘trends of an era’, and it is ‘hard to kill’ consumers. It is also difficult for consumers not to buy.

Shanghai Watch

Shanghai Watch Nostalgia Series

   Among them, the replica ‘Beijing Watch’ launched by Beijing Watch at the end of 2016 was particularly successful. Its advertisement invites an old gentleman and a young handsome young man to shoot together. The ‘past and present’ and ‘continuing the classics of the times’ are interpreted in a more fashionable way. Beijing ‘One Type Watch’ was the first watch launched by Beijing Watch in 1958, and it became very popular once it was launched. Silver dial with golden hands and time scales, at 12 o’clock there is the classic Beijing Tiananmen Square logo, also using golden relief. The strap uses a classic black leather strap. From the case to the strap, every detail tells people that the passage of time does not affect its quality.

Beijing Watch Re-enacts ‘One Type Watch’ Advertisement

Beijing watch engraved ‘a type watch’

   In this fast-developing society, some people are pursuing new things, while others like the old things that have settled in the past years. In addition to the ‘feelings’ of domestic watches, the more it brings to the Chinese people is its persistence. Compared with the long-established Swiss mechanical watch, the domestically produced watch is accurate, and the quartz watch is well-made. It may not be dominant in brand, technology and innovation. It has been amazing to study complex technologies such as tourbillons. Leave a question for everyone, in addition to ‘feelings’ on domestic watches, what else do you want?